reddot design award 2017

Aquq Feel



日本の豊かな風呂文化より発想を得たアクアフィールは、システムバスルームで肩湯を実現した湯の循環システムです。 首から肩を覆うように流れる湯は、美容・健康への効果があります。 さらに、優しく肌をなでるような感触を生む僅か4mmの水膜、それを魅せる光、快適な入浴姿勢へと誘うヘッドレストにより、 気持ちまで解きほぐす格別の時を創出します。


Inspired by an aspect of the rich bathing tradition of Japan, Aqua Feel is a hot water circulation system that feeds hot water to the shoulders. You can experience the rich feeling as if you are in a hot spring, even in your system bath room at home. Hot water flowing over the neck and shoulders is known to promote beauty as well as health. For an even more comfortable bath, there is also a headrest with tiny 4mm-water screens that gently stroke the skin, lit with a lamp. Aqua Feel creates special moments for the fullest relaxation. Enjoying the bath, savoring the moment, as the bathing sensation brings fullest relaxation.