iF design award 2017

Bisai Series



「美彩シリーズ」は造園業者やエクステリアプランナーが、植栽や石材等と同様に「あかり」を1つの素材として使いこなせるように考えられた照明シリーズです。 電気工事士の資格を必要としないため、外構工事者よって施工できる照明器具は、その創意工夫によって草木をはじめ様々な素材と組み合わせ、器具自身の存在感を無くした自由な外構デザインを可能にします。 「住環境に相応しい明るさ」と「コンパクトでシンプルな器具デザイン」は屋外用照明の新たなスタンダードとして美しい夜間景観の形成に貢献します。


The “Bisai Series” is a lighting series that was conceived for landscapers and exterior planners so that the lighting can be managed as one material just like plants or stones. No technician qualification as an electrical worker is needed, so the lighting fixtures can be installed by a landscape worker. With his/her ingenuity, Bisai Series lights can be combined with a variety of materials, including vegetation, which allows for endless landscape design possibilities without the sense of presence of the lighting fixtures themselves. The Bisai Series provides not only suitable brightness to living environments, but also comes in a compact and simple design. This new standard in exterior lighting will contribute to the formation of breathtaking night landscapes.