現代建築家コンセプト・シリーズ24  403architecture[dajiba] 建築で思考し、都市でつくる


現代建築家コンセプト・シリーズ24 403architecture[dajiba] 建築で思考し、都市でつくる

著者: 403architecture[dajiba]
403architecture[dajiba] Feedback

A5判 並製 160ページ 日英バイリンガル 
ISBN 978-4-86480-030-3

21世紀に入って経済成長の神話が崩れ、都市回帰と地域再生の動きが同時に進み、建築が大きな転換点を迎えるなか、403architecture [dajiba]は2011年に静岡県浜松市を拠点に活動をスタートし、約6年の間に50のプロジェクトを完成させてきた。彼らは、敷地やプログラム、クライアントが異なるそれぞれのプロジェクトのなかに「材料転用」「既存応用」「慣習ずれ」「新旧混成」「等価空間」「単位反復」という性格を見出し、新たな建築的価値を浮かび上がらせる。これら6つの「タグ」は、これからの建築が求める複層的な価値観を示すとともに、建築という創造の歴史との豊かな接続を物語っている。

Architecture has been facing to a major turning point in the 21st century, as the myth of economic growth collapsed, and a return to urban areas and regional revitalization are proceeding simultaneously. Based in Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture, 403architecture [dajiba] initiated its activities in 2011, and completed 50 projects in about six years. They highlight new architectural values in each project with different sites/programs/clients, by identifying properties of “Converting Materials”, “Applying What Is There”, “Deviating From Convention”, “New/old Hybrids”, “Making Spaces Equivalent”, and “Repeating Units.” These six “tags” represent multilayered values that are desired for future architecture. They also indicate abundant connections with the creation history of architecture. This book includes an analysis of works based on the six tags, historical interpretation of the six tags, and a discussion of revolutions by century in architectural activities through an Email interview with the British architects group “Assemble.” What kind of spirit should architecture accompany in the future? One model is shown in this book.
Bilingual in English and Japanese.


彌田徹|行き来する思考と実践のかたち 4
Toru Yada: Cycling between thought and practice 6

6 tags from 50 projects 8
材料転用|Converting materials 10
既存応用|Applying what is there 28
慣習ずれ|Deviating from convention 46
新旧混成|New/Old hybrids 64
等価空間|Making spaces equivalent 82
単位反復|Repeating units 100

Feedback across 3,000 years
橋本健史|都市からの学びを歴史に見る 119
Takeshi Hashimoto: History in the city 130

Feedback across 9,500 kilometers
建築と都市が続いていくために 141
Takuma Tsuji + Amica Dall (Assemble)
Dialogue between architecture and the city 148

クレジット|Credits 154

プロフィール|Profiles 156


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