The World of Architect Kazunari Sakamoto
Kazunari Sakamoto and Akio Nagashima

A4変型判 上製・函入り/カラー&モノクロ/主要部分日英併記 304ページ
ISBN 978-4-86480-024-2

巻頭・巻末には、名作《House SA》《宇土市立網津小学校》の今の日常の姿をみずみずしく撮り下ろした写真を掲載。未完の作品も含む全作品歴、メディア掲載歴も完備した、坂本一成の建築を知るには必携の一冊です。

A definitive portfolio of architect Kazunari Sakamoto, covering 50 years of works.
In addition to plentiful visual components, such as photos and drawings, this book contains detailed interpretations of individual works, and occasionally Sakamoto’s words and other people’s comments from various times, in order to reveal the real image of Sakamoto’s architectural works.
Sakamoto’s architectural works cannot be expressed with photos from one perspective.
Every part of the work is established by sympathizing with other parts, an entire building, or a world beyond the site. Many different elements coexist while having a variety of relationships. This could be said to be the very architectural world of Kazunari Sakamoto.
The book composition is in line with the way of Sakamoto’s architectural works.
Vivid recent photos of his masterpieces, “House SA” and “Uto City Amitsu Elementary School”, taken for this book, are included at the beginning and end of the book. This is a most-have book for knowing the architectural works of Sakamoto, including a list of works (including incomplete works), and media coverage.

目次 Contents
作品 Actual works
散田の家 House in Sanda 1968-69
改築 散田の家 House in Sanda Renovation 2011-13
水無瀬の町家 Machiya in Minase 1969-70
水無瀬の別棟 Minase Annex 2006-08 46 登戸の家 House in Nobuto 1970-71
雲野流山の家 Kumono-Nagareyama House 1972-73
代田の町家 Machiya in Daita 1974-76
南湖の家 House in Nago 1976-78
坂田山附の家 House in Sakatayamatsuke 1977-78
今宿の家 House in Imajuku 1978
散田の共同住宅 Common House in Sanda 1979-80
祖師谷の家 House in Soshigaya 1980-81
House F 1985-88
コモンシティ星田 Common City Hoshida 1987-91/92
熊本市営託麻団地 Kumamoto Municipal Takuma Public Housing Complex 1989-92/93/94
幕張ベイタウン・パティオス4番街 Makuhari Baytown Patios 4 1991-95
House SA 1995-99
Hut T 1997-2001
南堀江COCUE Minamihorie COCUE 2002-03
QUICO神宮前 QUICO Jingumae 2003-05
egota house A 2002-04
egota house B 2011-13
工作連盟ジードルンク・ヴィーゼンフェルト、ミュンヘン Werkbundsiedlung Wiesenfeld, München2006- 東工大蔵前会館 Tokyo Tech Front 2006-09
宇土市立網津小学校 Uto Municipal Amitsu Elementary School 2008-11
Hut AO 2011-15
上海当代芸術博物館ミュージアムショップ Power Station of Art, Museum Shop 2015
広島県立呉南特別支援学校 Hiroshima Municipal Kure-Minami Special Support School 2012-16
佐賀県歯科医師会館 Saga Prefecture Dental Association Hall 2014-
東銭湖国際教育フォーラム専門家スタジオ Dongqian Lake International Educational Forum, Expert Studio 2013-
常州工学院国際学術交流センター Changzhou Institute of Technology, International Academic Exchange Center 2014-
上海当代芸術博物館図書館 Power Station of Art, Contemporary Art Archive 2014-

写真 Photographs by qp  
House SA
宇土市立網津小学校 Uto Municipal Amitsu Elementary School

対話 Dialog
坂本一成との対話 Dialog with Kazunari Sakamoto
日常・文化・建築 Ordinary, Culture, and Architecture
関係・構成・相対化 Relationship, Composition, and Relativization
人物・影響・協同 People, Influence, and Collaboration
言葉・批評・メディア Words, Critiques, and the Media
寸法・スケール・プロポーション Dimension, Scale, and Proportion
プロセス・スタディ・ツール Process, Study, and Tool

資料 Data
文章出典一覧 Sources of texts
全作品歴 Complete works 1966-2016
資料編 Lists of data
略歴 Profiles


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