From a single tile - The only tile museum in Japan that guides you through the history of the world's ceramics culture and the technology for creating tiles using clay and fire

TILE MUSEUM is the only museum in Japan that specializes in tiles. In the museum, mainly the tile collection of Mr. Masayuki Yamamoto (tile researcher) is exhibited for the museum visitors to see, study and discover the various attractive features of tiles.

The main exhibits in the museum are the tiles of historical value, which Mr. Yamamoto has collected from all over the world, spending more than fifty years doing so. In 1991, Mr. Yamamoto donated approximately 6,000 tiles and other ceramic ware he had collected to Tokoname city. INAX was entrusted by Tokoname City with their conservation, the administration and research, and opened the museum in April 1997 with the cooperation of Mr. Yamamoto, Tokoname City and other related parties.

Spiritual Activity of Humans to Decorate Gives Us the Sense of Order
1F Permanent Exhibition Room

The miraculous space of magnificent decorative tiles was created by humans and that human spirit still touches us. This INAX Museums has realistically reproduced the space of the decorative tiles according to the times, such as Claypeg of 5,500 years ago, the oldest Egyptian tile of 4,650 years ago, the ceiling of the Islamic Dome, etc… It is a very unique museum which you will never experience anywhere else in the world. Please enjoy the infinite potential of the human spirit to decorate.

1F Museum Gallery

Under the concept of introducing the culture of ceramics more widely, we regularly hold special exhibitions from the museum collection as well as exhibitions of domestic and overseas ceramic artists.

2F Permanent Collection Exhibition Room

In the seven gallery rooms on the second floor, namely the Orient, Islam, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, and Japan rooms - approximately 1,000 tiles from the Yamamoto and the Inax collection are exhibited. The interior of each exhibition room is decorated with the reproduced tiles for museum visitors to experience the atmosphere of the locality and the period relating to the original tiles.


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